About us

We are a technology firm that is focused on developing cutting edge software solutions using futuristic approach in terms of AI, Machine Learning and Data Analysis.

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Spectlance at a Glance

Spectlance Digital is a custom software services firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. Started in 2019, we pride ourselves in having a number of big projects in such a short time.

Formed by a group of top notch software engineers whose experience (spanning for over 10 years) range from design, backend systems development, complex payments systems integration, advertising & research systems development, value added services like SMS, USSD, IVR etc, you are simply covered in every field and guaranteed that when we build a product we aim to make it the best one there is of its kind. We just happen to have 5 stars in all our products. Just naturally!

Our Pride

When it comes to high quality software products, you will find us there. Our philosophy is to always build stuff that people use. As useful it can get, the better. We simply don't want to be just present on the market.

Why customers choose us

Intelligent Solutions

Artificial Intelligence comes by default in all our products. We don't just write code. We develop solutions that can think for themselves!


Modern and effectively coded

When it comes to development, using latest standards and most modern tools, we’ve developed a healthy workflow which makes us code using the best practices principles.


Help when in need

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, our support team will do its best to provide the best possible and helpful answer for the issues you’re having.


Performance oriented

Every line of code is written in such way that it works smoothly no matter the number of users it handles.


Secure Applications

Security to us is paramount. To us, features like 2-Factor Authentication, SSL and audit trail come as standard in all out solutions!


Just great deals

With all that's packed inside and what will be added in the future as well, we are confident that we're offering the best deals possible.