Our pricing

At Spectlance, we believe in value. We believe in quality. We deliver Intelligent and Scalable solutions that are way above your expectations while at the same time giving great deals!

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Our pricing model

We just don't throw any pricing at you! We sit with you and take you through what it takes to deliver your solution!

Factors we consider

Aspect Description
Solution Category Your requirement can be as simple as "Design for me a blank web page with a white background" or as complex as "Develop for me a solution that feeds my pigs every 5 hours except on Sundays". For some we have defined prices while others we do comprehensive requirements gathering first.
Effort We list your requirements one by one which gives us a unique position to understand what exactly you need and also give you recommendations. Once we are 101% sure that we have captured your requirements, we move to the next step.
Timelines Based on the findings above and where applicable, we estimate the time(days) that your solution will take to develop and give you a reasonable price based on that. If your solution takes only one day, thats what you will be charged.
Maintenance We offer reasonable guarantee and free maintenance for an agreed timeframe where the solution should work as expected. Afterwards,if you require us to maintain your solution, just talk to us. We shall sort you!